[old research]


crystal growth (1999-2000)

Growth Simulations of Single Crystal Perovskite Alloys (Honors thesis at William and Mary)

(The fonts in the PDF files may be screwy. I had to use "ps2pdf". The Postscript files should be much safer.)


earth systems science (1993-1996)
El Niño
Here's the culmination of my work in earth system science in high school. This report earned me Semifinalist in the Westinghouse Science Talent Search, ooooh, try not to be to impressed. If anything it provides a good background to the causes and effects of the El Niño phenomenon. I did this report my senior year of high school when I decided to enter the Westinghouse STS. I had wanted to do the geospace thing below but was too lazy and/or busy (stupid college applications).

I created a web site specifically for the purpose of providing the prospective student access to information about El Niño and earth
systems science. I recently entered this not quite finished site into the ThinkQuest internet contest.

You can download here a multimedia presentation of my El Niño report. I wrote this program using Macromedia Director both to
impress several science fair judges and to learn how to program in Lingo. It's available for both Mac and IBM.


The following is an outline of a research project I hoped to do in my senior year of high school but never got too. Maybe some day I
will. It's really a cool topic, combining elements of earth science and astrophysics.



atmospheric physics (Summer 1998)

Summer internship at NASA-Goddard Space Flight Center

  • Atmospheric Infra-Red Sounder Research [Postscript] (AIRS) ('98)


other talks

Neural networking talk I gave for a simulations class at W&M.



Class pages

These are the comments my students wrote on the TA evaluations given each semester. I haven't omitted any as you will notice. Some of them are hilarious.



Qualifier Study Guide/Undergrad Physics Review
These are some notes of general undergrad physics material I made up while studying for the qualifier. Some of the equations are wrong, and maybe the whole thing is only useful for me but I thought I'd make it available (so at least I wouldn't lose it). It certainly is not representative.