QCVV BAA announced

Innovative proposals are sought to develop QCVV tools that will aid researchers as experiments begin to incorporate on the order of ten physical qubits. In particular, proposals should be focused on efficient (and near-optimal) methods for extracting metrics from experimental systems. Research areas include, but are not limited to: advances/alternatives to quantum tomography; methods for extracting fidelity of gate or computation success; and methods or procedures for verifying complex quantum computations that cannot be classically simulated in qubit technologies capable of performing quantum gates. The performance of current qubits is below estimated fault-tolerant thresholds and this topic is not focused on reaching such thresholds. However, fault-tolerant architectures impose additional requirements on qubits and these requirements should be considered in the proposals for developing QCVV metrics.

Quantum Characterization, Verification, and Validation Broad Agency Announcement (army.mil)

Charles Tahan
Physicist in Washington, D.C.